The Modern Day Forgetting Curve

On average, 70% of what we learn is forgotten within 24 hours. Within a week, that drops down to 90%.

The Challenge of Memory Retention

When Ebbinghaus studied memory retention in the late 1800’s he developed the Forgetting Curve, a simple model which depicted memory loss over time.  What he discovered is that memory loss is very real and happens exponentially unless interrupted by different learning techniques.

Fast forward 130 years and our ability to retain information is challenged more and more as everything constantly competes for our attention. The advances in our digital world have created a culture of overstimulation, making it harder for our brains to distinguish between what is worthy of long-term memory and what can be dispensed with.

Organizations feel the real impact of this when they can’t track their learning investments to demonstrable changes in behaviour and performance. This is about more than memory retention; this is about realizing an ROI that truly impacts performance.

The Forgetting Curve With Reinforcement

Why Learning Reinforcement?

Learning Reinforcement plugs the memory leak by delivering ongoing and regularly scheduled learning and recall exercises, optimized to fight the tendency to forget. And its impact shows up clearly in business results.

  • ECHO
  •   Grounded in Cognitive Psychology
  •   Driven by Customer Insight
  •   Developed by Learning Experts

How Does ECHO Address this Critical Challenge?

ECHO is the outcome of three critical advancements: 1) the ubiquity of mobile technology, 2) advances in cognitive psychology, and 3) increasing demands for more conclusive ROI on training programs.  It was built from the ground up and piloted with a key Fortune 100 company that helped us to refine the user experience, the learning logic, the sophistication of the intelligent and dynamic engine and the business intelligence system.

ECHO is a learning reinforcement app designed to improve memory retention so that your learning investment can lead to greater impact.  Through engaging Reinforcement Experiences (RXP’s), learners are supported with just-in-time, targeted and dynamic learning, all within a mobile-first performance focused design.

Learn More About the Science Behind Echo


  •      BACKED BY


    Enable your learners to overcome the forgetting curve in a measurable manner.  The design and development of ECHO is informed by dozens of empirical experiments and scientific studies in the field of cognitive psychology.



               AND SYSTEMS

    ECHO allows you to use the learning assets you have already developed for the initial training programs as the basis of constructing your Reinforcement Experience (RXP).  ECHO complements your instructor-led and web-based training programs and works in conjunction with your existing learning management system.


         & REAL-TIME

    ECHO’s powerful and accessible business intelligence tools measure the effectiveness of your RXP.  Fine tune your RXP to make your employee’s learning more enduring, and leverage current data and analytics to provide the coaching they need. See the performance of your learners on mobile and desktop dashboards in real-time.



    ECHO’s full native design makes the product fast and intuitive on both iOS and Android devices.  Features such as mobile push notifications, touch gestures and offline usage mode enhance the acceptance and effectiveness of your RXP so that users can focus on learning.




Intelligent Retrieval Practice Engine

ECHO’s intelligent retrieval practice engine tracks the retention rate of your learners along each competency and dynamically serves retrieval practices that enhance their retention rates.  The engine can be fine-tuned to meet the particulars of your industry and learning program.

Quiz-Based Retrieval Practices

ECHO has full support for quiz-based retrieval practices, including: multiple choice, open answer question types, dynamic quiz mode, time based quizzes, hints and feedback.

Flashcard Type Retrieval Practices

Extensive support for flashcards (in multi-media formats) that learners practice with in order to improve the retention of what they have learned in the initial training program.

Competency Framework

A competency framework can be defined for each ECHO reinforcement experience that governs how the system’s retrieval practices and all other forms of content (e.g. micro-learning modules, tips, flashcards) work together to enhance the learner’s retention.

Smart Tips

ECHO reinforcement experiences can contain smart tips that enhance the learner’s retention rate.  ECHO continuously tracks the learner’s retention rate along each competency and serves timely tips that aim to close the detected retention gaps.

Dynamic Content Curation

ECHO measures the progress of each learner in various retrieval practices and dynamically generates a set of recommended learning resources that the leaner can benefit from to reinforce their learning.

Delayed Feedback

Retrieval practices can contain feedback that is delayed to make the employee’s learning more enduring.

Reinforcement Schedule

Learning designers can define a schedule for each reinforcement experience that defines the optimum time the system should serve retrieval activities to the learners through mobile push notifications..  Learners can also customize their own recommended reinforcement schedule.

Micro Learning Modules

Full support for micro learning modules that learners can consume on their mobile device, even in offline mode.  Micro-learning modules can be constructed as non-interactive video and audio learning assets or as fully interactive courses.

Business Intelligence

ECHO’s BI and analytics tools allow L&D and line of business management to track, measure and action the progress of their reinforcement experiences. Management can quickly create interactive visual reports without any programing and access these reports from mobile and desktop devices. ECHO’s BI and analytics tool support natural language queries and mobile alerts.

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