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Subject: Sales & Product Knowledge
Industry: Professional Services
  • About Miller Heiman Group

    Miller Heiman Group is a global training, consulting, technology and research firm that empowers today’s sellers to win tomorrow.

  • Key features

    • Full product portfolio digitalization
    • Customized application software
    • Developed for mobile and desktop

The Challenge

  • How do we transform our flagship training workshop into a market-leading digital learning experience?

  • Miller Heiman Group, a global leader in sales training, was challenged with a critical shift in the market: the move to digital. Going digital was essential to stay relevant and innovative to their customers.

    With increasing customer demands for more flexible learning options, MHG knew they delivered impactful workshops, but could they do the same with eLearning? With a best-in-class training methodology, they were looking for a best-in-class digital learning partner, which they found in SwissVBS.

  • Coming off an intense period of acquisitions, this was a crossroads moment for the organization — with tremendous pressure to align themselves with the marketplace and position themselves as a forward-looking organization ready for the digital age.

    Turning their flagship presence training course into a branded online learning program would be the first hurdle to overcome in getting their organization digital-ready.

Our Solution

The new digital learning experience took a microlearning approach to design — presenting a two-day facilitation workshop through a digital format that could be taken over a series of brief self-paced sessions. It was a dynamic, engaging and highly interactive experience which focused on explaining key concepts in a simplified, high-application format.

High quality eLearning

The digital learning experience needed to be a new benchmark for the industry. Typical ”eLearning” was not going to make the cut. Something was required that could position Miller Heiman not only as a leader in training, but as a leader in digital training. A customized look and feel was created using 2D animation, professional voice over, compelling writing, and immersive interactivity. The end result was a polished, professional and effective learning experience that could be brought to market with confidence.

A strong learning brand

SwissVBS developed an iconic look and feel to the learning experience — one that from a glance was recognizably “Miller Heiman.” It had the flexibility to use character simulations for branching conversations focused on skill development, while explaining abstract concepts with a precision and clarity that only an animated style could ever achieve.

High-application, personalized experience

Miller Heiman provides a world-class methodology to help sales teams win. So, how do you bring that methodology into action in a virtual context? SwissVBS created a series of “Digital Worksheets,” embedded at the center of every program. As learners acquired a new concept, they immediately had to apply it to a relevant and personal sales opportunity — instantly applying what they had learned to a real-world setting. Learners could then download the completed worksheet and bring it to their next in-person session for further coaching on their opportunity.


  • A strong offering

    The project was an instant success. SwissVBS helped Miller Heiman create exactly what they were looking for: A high-quality, highly-scalable digital offering that was just as effective as their world-renowned workshops on sales excellence. Furthermore, its quick launch meant that Miller Heiman instantly had a compelling offering to bring to the market. Most importantly, Miller Heiman had confidence that it had found a partner with the right expertise.

  • Building a strong partnership

    Since then, SwissVBS has worked on the majority of Miller Heiman Group’s offerings, digitizing more than 15 products (including customizations for key accounts), totalling over 20 hours of content in 17 different languages.

    For Miller Heiman’s major customers, SwissVBS even creates highly customized and branded versions of their courses, responding to the needs of their key accounts.

  • Ready for tomorrow

    As Miller Heiman Group bolsters its reputation as a training leader in the marketplace, SwissVBS has been a key catalyst in making sure content is adaptable and ready for what’s next. From creating bite-sized videos for new platforms, to repurposing content for reinforcement programs, SwissVBS has been an agile and highly responsive partner in helping Miller Heiman Group move towards greater digitalization, increasing its reputation in the market as a leader in digital learning paired with its world class sales methodology for success.

"With SwissVBS as our strategic partner, we were able to consolidate all of our digital content from five separate LMSs to one LMS in a period of 3 months and migrate all our users over across 6 months. This is a huge success for us and we are excited by the new upgraded user experience we can now provide to our clients.”

Purbita Banerjee, Senior Director of Learning Solutions, Miller Heiman Group

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