The Challenge

As part of an ongoing commitment to developing associates and supporting them in their continuous professional and personal development, Novartis Legal launched a talent development program called “Talent Opportunity`s Performance” (TOP). A key aspect of TOP focused on functional and leadership competencies.

Overall, there were 108 variations of leadership competencies to address. Novartis needed to build awareness centred on these competencies in a way that wasn’t dull or dry to an already skeptical target group of legal professionals. It needed a new way of presenting leadership.

How we added value

A learning game for Novartis Legal employees to help raise awareness around leadership.

Learning games must weave a delicate balance between being educational and engaging. If a game focuses too much on learning, it becomes artificial and forced. If it’s too fun, then the opportunity for authentic learning is diminished.



To create an authentic experience, we needed to immerse learning objectives within the game itself. Leadership was taken out of the office and placed within the context of the Malaria Initiative, a program that Novartis is deeply passionate about. Set in Malawi, you meet Art, a health care worker helping to improve the distribution network of malaria treatments within the country. A little aloof, and not always organized, Art looks to your leadership to help accomplish his goals.

While the context changed, the ideas behind leadership didn’t.

Larger learning objectives were transformed into playable levels within the game narrative, and learners used the 108 leadership competencies to help them evaluate varying degrees of leadership found within the game narrative.

For an added layer of engagement, mini-games were played between levels. From sorting supplies, to speeding across Lake Malawi for an emergency delivery, learners not only had an enjoyable playing experience, they also learned more about the Malaria Initiative, a program that Novartis continually promotes within the organization. All this, while still trying to swat away those pesky mosquitoes.

The game harnessed the full functionality of the iPhone and provided a gaming experience that lived up to the expectations of a mobile consumer audience. Leaderboards were used to promote a little healthy competition, and a Challenge Mode was introduced for users to boost their score totals by testing their understanding of the leadership competencies.

All in all, “Arts Adventure” created tremendous excitement for Novartis, and Art has now become a familiar face within the organization.

For Novartis Legal SwissVBS designed a custom elearning game.
SwissVBS designs and develops mobile learning games, this example shows the Novartis Legal game.
SwissVBS designed a custom mobile elearning game for Novartis Legal.
SwissVBS designed a mobile elearning game for Novartis Legal and their talented development game.
Mobile elearning game development by SwissVBS is unique as the Novartis Legal example shows.
Mobile elearning games by SwissVBS are designed based on the client needs.
SwissVBS designed a mobile elearning game for Novartis Legal to support their development program.
Intelligent and custom elearning game development by SwissVBS is based on the client's needs.