When speaking with customers about their learning challenges, engagement is a popular topic. Is it a coincidence that your favourite subject in school was also taught by your favourite teacher? Was it an engaging learning experience? Simply put, we need to be engaged to learn better. Developing engaging content is a creative and critical challenge; one that we love to embrace.


Never underestimate the power of a compelling narrative. We believe storytelling is an ideal vessel to convey typically dry content. Through a charming set of characters and an immersive storyline, learners build empathy and create connections in ways traditional learning can’t. Whether you are learning about diversity, or trying to get through your first week at work, our talented team of instructional designers help distil learning objectives in a highly relevant and meaningful way.


We believe in authentic interactivity. This is more than a multiple-choice quiz at the end of a course. This is timely and highly engaging interactive elements that provoke critical thinking within learners. We leverage the unique characteristics of each learning platform to create distinctive and active learning experiences. We push ourselves with out-of-the-box thinking to enhance learner retention and build capacity.

High-end purpose-driven media

Of course, stylish characters and graphics can go a long way in creating an engaging experience. But that is all fancy glossing if the media is not effectively used to convey some learning purpose. From the movie-like trailers we create, down to the infographics we produce, we deploy and develop media with a purpose so that what you see and what you hear are in complete harmony with the learning objectives we are trying to portray.

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Learning Engagement https://swissvbs.com/images/engaging-learning-solutions-01.png Developing engaging content is a creative and critical challenge; one that we love to embrace. SwissVBS