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November 28 & 29 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Palais Leopold, Leopoldstraße 8, 80802 Munich

ECHO - Training Reinforcement App

Our Learning Experts

Josh Cardoz

Principal Learning Strategist

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Josh Cardoz

Principal Learning Strategist at SwissVBS. His large client experience ranges from automotive to healthcare to telecommunications, of which he has been a central figure in the design of several digital learning initiatives. He currently also teaches at the University of Toronto on “Online Learning Environments” and “Learning Experience Design.”

Tatsiana Hulko

Mobile Learning Consultant

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Tatsiana Hulko

Mobile Learning Consultant for SwissVBS. In this role, Tatsiana is helping enterprises across Canada, US and Europe successfully adopt ECHO, SwissVBS’ mobile learning and reinforcement solution. She brings ten years of international consulting and client management experience to the company.

Frank Ecker

Sales Director

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Frank Ecker

Frank studied Communication Science at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, graduating with a Bachelor in Journalism. He spent thirteen years in enterprise development and strategy for Europe’s largest publishing house, Axel Springer AG. Already as a young Editor of Computerbild magazine, his focus was on clearly explaining highly technical topics to his readers.

Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger

Executive Director

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Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger

Executive Director Europe of SwissVBS. After completing his doctorate at the University of St. Gallen, he worked for a renowned management consultancy. For more than ten years he has been an expert in Digital Learning and advises large companies in Germany and Switzerland on the subjects of Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Learning Reinforcement and Performance Measurement.



The Idea

In this hands-on workshop, we really want to get to work! And in the end you should take home something tangible: The first adaptive learning app for your company!

You have important topics to convey and need to make sure they reach your employees – and stay in their minds. In the days approaching the workshop, we help you to identify the existing training that is most appropriate to use with our ECHO Learning Reinforcement App.

You will bring your use case with you, we will bring four of our learning experts from St. Gallen, Toronto and Munich. This is how we get you up to speed in our intensive course in no time. We share our expertise with you, take over the project management and provide you with concrete examples and real case studies from the working world and provide suggestions that you can use directly in your first learning reinforcement plan.

In the end, you’ll have a working platform that will allow your employees and colleagues retain what they have learned. Technologically, we use our app ECHO, for which we were awarded two Brandon Hall Gold Awards last year.

  • Agile creation process where you develop a complete learning reinforcement plan in a two-day workshop. Your prototype will already be in your hands after 40 days to use it in your company.
  • Consistent performance measurement of learning objectives and true business KPIs within the framework of a 4-8 week use of the Learning App within your company. This includes the comprehensive analysis of learning activities using Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Exchange of experiences and a common learning process with colleagues from other companies who also participate in the process. This includes working and learning-out-loud techniques with a follow-up workshop, about four months after the kick-off of this initial workshop.
  • And there is more: clearly defined costs, guaranteed success, lighthouse project for innovative learning, great award potential, fast roll-out after successful pilot possible.


We want to work effectively and efficiently with you. You will actively contribute the following with us - we are happy to assist you in your preparation:

  • An existing training course whose content you want to anchor with a learning reinforcement plan. This could be about a two-day sales training, an on-boarding training, an exam preparation, leadership training or a recertification course.
  • The source material of the original training and initial considerations for your learning reinforcement plan: target audience, training materials, learning goals, context, and process.
  • A mobile audience. ECHO can be used on the desktop, but we designed the app for mobile use on smartphones. Here it shows it’s full potential.
  • Willingness to interact with participants of other companies and to measure performance.

Here's what
you take home:

You will learn a lot about microlearning, mobile and personalized learning, and learning reinforcement. Most importantly, you get a fully functional app and your first learning reinforcement plan that you can use directly in your company.

Specifically, you receive the following items:

  • Your learning reinforcement plan, tailored to your company’s needs. Additionally, you will receive access to the desktop application version, to be used via an Internet browser.
  • Licenses for 100 users over a period of two months.
  • Complete documentation of your learning reinforcement plan.
  • Two licenses for Microsoft PowerBI, with which you can evaluate learning performance in detail.
  • A learning expert from the SwissVBS team who will assist you as a personal coach over the entire project duration of four months.
  • Reporting and benchmarks on the results of each pilot project: learning and business analytics, comparison studies of the other workshop participants.

Workshop Registration

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Workshop registration and ECHO Pilot Project: 9.500,00 €
Note: Maximum 3 participants per company.

Day One

9:00 AM
Conference Room, Leopoldstraße 8, 80802 Munich
9:30 AM
Welcome Speech and Agenda
10:00 AM
Learning Architecture of ECHO
Overview of ECHO Learning Architecture with Competences, Interactive Exercises, Learning Resources, Mentoring Function, Courses, Flashcards, Dynamic and Personalized Learning Paths, Tips, Game Mechanics and Leaderboards including Manager Version.
10:30 AM
Training Reinforcement Design Document
Define the competencies and topics for your Training Reinforcement Plan (TRP). Build a basic configuration of ECHO for your TRP using a structured TRP Design document: including exercises, quizzes and competitions, building a question bank, and setting the overall learning architecture for your TRP.
12:30 PM
Lunch break and demo of best-practice examples
2:00 PM
Exercises, quizzes and competitions
Selection of appropriate interactive learning activities, elaboration on questions for the catalog. Additionally, the criteria for determining how quickly the app should learn and how dynamically the questions should be adapted to the individual profile of the user are defined at this point.
4:00 PM
Game Mechanics
Definition of game mechanics such as badges for engagement, disciplines, learning success, competitions and leaderboards.
5:00 PM
Schedules, Push Notifications, Tips
Create a schedule for different activities, including degrees of freedom for the learner and reminder function. Selection of appropriate technical and action-oriented tips as well as frequency of their deployment to users.
6:00 PM
Summary and Outlook
Group reflection on the first day and agenda for day two
6:30 PM
After Dinner
Restaurant Herzog, Maxburgstraße 4, 80333 München

Day Two

9:00 AM
Learning Resources
Decision on the type and extent of learning resources to be integrated in your TRP, analysis of existing material, begin compiling source material: courses, animations, infographics, PDFs, web resources, flashcards; Assignment of learning resources to competencies and topics. Define if mentoring function should be used.
12:00 AM
Lunch Break and Case Studies
1:30 PM
Performance Measurement
Defining suitable criteria for measuring learning success: feedback, commitment, learning success; Behavioral change and economic success: Business KPIs, ROI; Definition of baseline / benchmark and considerations for using control groups. Introducing PowerBI as a learning data analytics tool.
3:30 PM
Results presentation and discussion
Reflection and discussion
4:30 PM
Summary and Outlook

Following the two-day workshop, we will guide you in web meetings and in individual conversations in creating your learning reinforcement plan.

For all agenda items you will receive more detailed documentation after registration in preparation for the workshop.

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After Dinner

On the first evening of the workshop, we cordially invite you to join us for dinner at Herzog and end the busy day in a cozy atmosphere with good conversation.

Palais Leopold

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28 & 29 November, 2018
9:00 AM