Boost Your Learning

Whether you are looking for guidance on getting your first training reinforcement plan (TRP) off the ground, or serious muscle power to reduce your microlearning plan’s (MLP) time to market, SwissVBS is here to help.  Our team of experienced learning experts are ready to support you through your journey.


A 3-week training and certification program that you can use to train your L&D team to create effective TRPs and MLPs end-to-end. The training, led by a SwissVBS expert and based on best practices, equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively design reinforcement and microlearning content, implement TRPs/MLPs with ECHO, and monitor their effectiveness.

See our T+C fact sheet for more.

ECHO 180

An analysis and design engagement, where SwissVBS leads the design of the TRP/MLP and your team develops the contents. ECHO 180 is a good choice for tackling your first TRP/MLP.

ECHO 360

A comprehensive 60-day development and implementation engagement during which SwissVBS takes on the responsibility for the design, development and monitoring of a full TRP/MLP.


When your ECHO microlearning or reinforcement plan can use a burst of high-energy animated videos, we are ready to help.  These fixed-fee packages are designed to target a specific learning objective and are delivered in less than 20 days. Click here to learn more.