A week with ECHO

Meet Mike

– a retail associate, who recently finished a 2-day customer service training program with 50 other retail associates. He has just downloaded ECHO on his phone and is ready to use the app to improve his learning retention and sharpen his skills.

Meet Monica, Mike’s Manager

– Monica has a lot at stake and is eager to see how ECHO will help her team close the gap between learning and performing. Will her team be able to retain what they learned in those intense 2 days of training? Will they be able to translate that to better customer service on the retail floor?

Let’s follow how ECHO adds value for both Mike and Monica.



Mike logs into ECHO for his first practice session. He sees today’s tip and favorites it for later.

He takes a retrieval practice quiz – 5 short questions with feedback tied to his responses. He starts to recall some of the key concepts covered in the course. 5 minutes of his time and he is done practicing for the day!”


Monica looks at the ECHO Analytics Dashboards to see how her team is doing. She is happy to see that 90% of the participants have already logged on and completed a practice.



Monica opens up the ECHO Analytics Dashboards on her phone and sees that Mike has been able to retain a good portion of what he learned in class. Great start for him!



On the subway, without an internet connection, Mike decides to complete a practice session and gets a perfect score. The award he earns unlocks a new podcast from one of his peers on their best customer interaction.

ECHO’s intelligent engine has started to build a learning retention profile for Mike. It is starting to figure out which competencies Mike has been able to retain and which ones are threatened by the forgetting curve.



Mike gets a push notification reminder from ECHO. It’s time to practice. Mike taps the notification message and goes directly into today’s 5-minute practice. This time, ECHO’s dynamic engine assembles retrieval practices that match Mike’s unique learning retention profile at this particular moment.


After a challenging customer interaction, Mike checks the app’s learning resources to see what he could have done better. There is a brief micro learning module on managing customer feedback and a flashcard deck on the 5-step method of ensuring customer success. Both are perfect for the occasion.



Mike gets today’s notification. He completes his third practice of the week and earns an award for staying disciplined. He scores slightly lower in one of the competencies. The forgetting curve is kicking into action. This time around, ECHO recommends two micro learning modules that could help Mike better retain what he has learned in that competency.


At home, after work, Monica looks at how her team is doing. She notices an ECHO coaching tip. It is about how Mike could use some coaching on managing customer feedback. She sets up a meeting in his calendar to help him first thing Monday morning.