Inspire. Empower. Transform.

At the heart of any successful learning and development solution is transformation

It is transformation that impacts behaviour, attitude, capacity, team dynamics, team functioning, the bottom line and ultimately the success of an entire organization.

At SwissVBS (Swiss Virtual Business Solutions) we build partnerships with our customers to develop transformative solutions – solutions that inspire and empower the learner – always pushing the envelope and constantly reinventing the learning experience.

We’re a learning and development management company that leverages a unique combination of skills, assets and talent to dramatically reduce the cycle time from learning to doing. At the core of our solutions is storytelling, brought out through effective pedagogy, captivating media, and innovative technology. It’s our secret sauce and we’re proud of it!

Why does our approach work? Times are changing. Newer generations of workers learn in fundamentally different ways. And the advent of social media, micro-apps, mobility, and compression is changing the way learning occurs. Today’s learning must be targeted, fully engaging, and make sense in the reality of the learner’s workflow. We want to ask the tough questions, understand and challenge our customer’s requirements, and build solutions that align to their evolving needs.

Educational excellence. Creative talent. Proactive business insight. This is who we are: SwissVBS empowers its customers to succeed in a smarter world.

We all know the old adage: “It’s just like riding a bicycle.”

It’s what we say for something that, once learned, is never forgotten. A simple phrase, but a powerful idea.

Why do we all remember how to ride a bicycle?

Because we started on the bicycle. We didn’t read a manual, or attend a workshop. We didn’t sign up for the webinar. We got on the bicycle and we learned as we did. And when the training wheels came off, we never forgot how to ride.

Why was this such an effective way of learning?

It’s because “learning” was built into “doing”.

Our missions is to get learners back on the bicycle

We want to move communities from learning to doing.

Flip through our Learning Framework to learn more.

Illustration depicting SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning.

Illustration depicting total engagement within SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning.

Total Engagement

It’s a simple formula: we learn better when we’re engaged. Engaged learning not only pulls learners into the training, but it also increases learning retention. We believe that learners should be active participants in their own development, connected to the learning and immersed in the experience.

Illustration depicting targeted learning within SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning.

Targeted Learning

Convenient. Accessible. Multi-platform. These words sum up what the modern day learner expects. In a fast-paced world where distraction abounds and everyone is competing for your attention, an engaging learning experience needs to be all of these things. We create learning that transcends the traditional barriers of where, when and how, and bring the learning directly to you when you most need it.

Illustration depicting working reality within SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning.

Working Reality

When learning and doing are not connected, our chances of success are significantly reduced. Our goal is to lessen the time it takes to learn something and transfer that knowledge into practice. We help learners apply what they learn in a way that makes sense with their own day-to-day working reality. In this way, learning and the application of knowledge are not disjointed, but are part of an integrated process that leads to results.

Illustration depicting collaborative intelligence within SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning

Collaborative Intelligence

Individually we can acquire knowledge, but collectively, we can build it. We aspire to create collaborative environments (social networking, e-collaboration, knowledge portals) where knowledge is captured, harnessed, developed and built upon in an organic and engaging way. As learning becomes more integrated and shared across the organization, a common sense of purpose evolves and the potential for growth and positive change becomes a reality.

Illustration depicting integrated systems within SwissVBS' framework for corporate elearning.

Integrated Systems

Behind every successful learning experience are the systems and engines that bring it to life. With our end-to-end, fully featured, and customizable Learning Management System, we ensure that the technicalities do not get in the way of a seamless, rich and meaningful learning experience. Technology and the learning content go hand in hand.

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

– Albert Einstein

Our process

Ongoing engagement with our customers, being systematic, using checks and balances, driving deliverables and soliciting feedback is critical for success. Throughout all phases, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our client, where revision, feedback and fine-tuning of the solution are built into the process. This ensures that end objectives are always being met.

Click below to review the individual stages of our cyclical process.


We build solutions with our clients. That’s why we start with a holistic understanding of our client’s goals, strategies and objectives. We want to know their vision, and along the way, ask the tough questions needed to get to the heart of the business challenge. Only from there, can a solution begin to organically grow.



After fully understanding our client’s DNA, we move from a macro level to a micro level and dig deeper into defining the specific solution(s) that will realize the desired outcomes. Ensuring continued alignment with the business and learning objectives, solutions are crafted in a collaborative way with our business partners. By the end of this phase, both parties have a common understanding and agreement on the scope and key objectives of the solution.



At the core of our solutions is elegant and intuitive design. After extensive analysis of learning needs, we now proceed to design a solution, customized to our client’s needs. It’s where the magic happens! We outline the learning, visual and technical approach to the solution, and cover every detail to ensure it fits the learning objectives, target group, and platform on which it is deployed.



We then assemble our highly talented team of instructional designers, media developers, graphic designers, illustrators, and systems architects to help bring our design to life. We’ll script, storyboard, animate, record, code and extensively QA to execute the task. The end result: a solution embodying the SwissVBS standard of excellence.


Deploy & Monitor

Finally, after rigorous testing and quality assurance checks, we “Go live” and deliver the solution to our clients. But we don’t stop there! The value we add to our clients extends beyond solution delivery. If needed, we’ll support, monitor, host and manage the solution.

SwissVBS At the heart of any successful learning and development solution is transformation
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