Learning Platform

SwissVBS Learning Cloud: The LMS for the Mobile-Cloud World.

The SwissVBS Learning Cloud (SLC) is an enterprise-class learning management and analytics platform.

Designed from the ground up to meet the scalability and security needs of the large enterprise. In contrast to legacy LMS platforms, SLC was built to leverage mobile and cloud technologies. With a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, it offers software, hosting, service management and industry-leading SLA’s packaged into a comprehensive service offering.

Solution-Led Approach Addresses Enterprise Learning Needs

SLC’s modular and cloud friendly architecture allows SwissVBS to use a solution-oriented approach to meet your learning management needs. We work closely with your team to elicit and clarify your learning management requirements and then use a Lego-block approach to assemble a tailored solution that meets your exact needs. Gone are the days when your unique requirements had to be force-fit into and pre-defined LMS product. Today’s SLC offers a wide range of functional blocks that can be rapidly assembled in the cloud to meet the needs of the most complex enterprises.

Tin Can Powered Learning Analytics

SLC’s learning analytics engine is built from the ground up on the new Tin Can (Experience API) standard. Learning and development organizations can tap into the vast array of learning signals and data provided by SLC’s Learning Records Store (LRS) to gain critical insights to enhance their learning performance and improve their learning content. Line of business managers can use SLC’s learning data warehouse in conjunction with leading business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos to improve their performance and optimize their investment in human capital.

Mobile-Led Enterprise Learning

The mobile revolution has disrupted enterprise learning in significant ways. Employees are no longer content with consuming learning through the traditional web-desktop delivery model. They demand learning content that can be readily accessed from smartphones and tablets, that supports touch gestures and leverages push notifications and other mobile capabilities. And, they expect to have access to their learning content at all times, even when they don’t have access to a network connection.

SLC was built specially to meet the demanding needs of mobile employees. It offers a suite of native apps for content delivery, learning management and analytics. SLC can be used to deliver the more conventional HTML5 courses that are developed using the responsive web design model. But SLC goes much further than that by offering support for the delivery of “web-free” native course content to mobile devices that take full advantage of the native capabilities of the mobile devices while ensuring that content can be consumed offline.

Use SLC to turn the mobile disruption into a strategic advantage for your enterprise.

SLC Broad Functional Areas

  • Full native mobile app support (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Integration with the enterprise backend systems through modern RESTful web services
  • Learner registration: Single sign on, self-serve registration for eCommerce sites
  • Course enrollment: Administrator led enrollment, self-enrollment, dynamic enrollment
  • Multiple customized learning portals
  • Definable and granular roles, permissions and organization hierarchy
  • Low-level bookmarking
  • Search, including deep content search
  • Search analytics
  • Assessment (testing) engine: sequential tests, random tests, multiple question categories, multiple difficulty levels, adaptive tests, question tips, question feedback
  • Dynamically assembled personal learning paths
  • Social content discovery


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SwissVBS Learning Cloud (SLC) https://swissvbs.com/images/learning-management-system-01.jpg The SwissVBS Learning Cloud (SLC) is an enterprise-class learning management and analytics platform. SwissVBS