Elite Business Course Offerings from the University of St. Gallen

Develop the Required Business Skills
Within All Management Levels

Newly appointed and even seasoned managers with a technical, scientific, arts or humanities backgrounds frequently lack a solid business foundation to succeed in their roles as managers. Since its inception in 2001, SwissVBS has developed digital learning solutions to address this challenge. Developed exclusively by faculty from some of the world’s most respected business schools (St. Gallen, IESE, Wharton), our courses stand apart for their high-quality content, current business context and unique educational approach. Covering key areas of management such as Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR and Business Innovation, they may be used as stand-alone online courses or in combination with classroom training as part of a blended learning solution.

The Courses

TitleLength (Hours)Mobile version
Introduction to Accounting8YES
Financial Management10YES
Strategic Analysis4YES
Mastering Strategy Processes4YES
Business Strategy4YES
Value Creation4YES
Change Management4YES
Business Model Innovation2YES
Core Principles of Marketing8NO
Human Resource Management4NO
Building Winning Business Models4NO
Management of Corporate Sustainability4NO
Global Diversity and Multicultural Competence2NO

Management Education Highlights

  • Engaging Content

    Highly effective, animated and interactive online courses

  • Multi-Environment

    Core curriculum available for desktop, tablet and smartphone in English and German

  • Supporting Material

    Complementary, downloadable work books with highlights of the courses

  • Knowledge Check

    Timed assessment modules for testing and certification

  • No Setup Costs

    Easy access through SwissVBS Learning Cloud (SLC)

  • Efficient User Management

    Simple user administration, tracking, and reporting

  • Add-Ons

    Option to include eTutoring support, discussion forums, peer to peer learning

  • Mobile Reinforcement App

    Option to receive complementary Mobile Reinforcement App

  • Customized Content

    Options to customize course content, look and feel

  • University Certificate

    Certificate of completion from the University of St.Gallen

Certification from One of the World’s
Leading Business Schools

By participating in one of these courses, you will receive a certificate of completion from the University of St. Gallen, one of the world’s leading business schools. By completing one of the following course packages you will also receive a statement with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points, as well as preferred access to and discounts for selected further education programs at the University of St. Gallen.

University of St.Gallen

Course Packages

Strategy Package

  • Mastering Strategy Processes
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Value Creation
  • Change Management
  • Business Model Innovation

Finance Package

  • Financial Management
  • Introduction into Accounting

A History of Blended Learning

When leading professors at the University of St. Gallen started to consider options for digital training in 2001, their primary purpose was to help students be better prepared before arriving for their first class at university. Over time, additional methods have been adopted to enrich the online learning experience such as eMentoring and discussion forums, ensuring that participants get the most out of their learning experience. More recently, we have explored options to reinforce learning beyond the initial learning moment (be it in class or digital) to ensure that knowledge is retained and applied in day-to-day business activities. So whether you are looking for a stand-alone online learning experience or a sophisticated blended learning solution for your management and leadership development programs, SwissVBS is ready to assist.

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