Microlearning That Works.

Learn. Retain. Perform.

We have the average attention span of a goldfish.
Let ECHO change that.

Make Learning Stick with ECHO

Meet ECHO – a multiyear award-winning microlearning platform designed to improve retention, change behavior and maximize the return on your learning investment.

Through daily practices, bite-size content and learning games, ECHO closes the learning-performance gap for the modern learner.

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"Use and recall knowledge…or lose it. With a minimal investment of five to ten minutes, three times a week, the forgetting curve can become a retention curve with ECHO. Our initial data show a reduction in learning “scrap” meaning our ROI is increased."

David Jarvis
Learning & Development, GE Power

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Welcome to the world of bite-size learning.

Maximize Your Training ROI

By combining microlearning and training reinforcement features, ECHO ensures your training investment translates to lasting behavior change. The result is learning that endures, employees that outperform, and an increased return on learning investment.


Empowered Learning

The training event is no longer the hero. Instead of relying on bulky courses, ECHO empowers employees by giving them access to bite-size learning modules any time they want and from any device.


Get Actionable Data

What if learning data meant more than completion metrics? Use ECHO’s 6 dashboards, 50 real-time metrics and full-featured business intelligence framework to make your microlearning program a true success.

Explore ECHO's Powerful Analytics

"We congratulate SwissVBS for leading the way in using mobile and cloud technologies to address the issue of learning retention."

Rachel Cooke
COO, Brandon Hall