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June 29, 2017

SwissVBS’ ECHO Mobile Reinforcement Platform Wins Best Performance Support Solution Award, its Second Award for 2017

SwissVBS won the award for its ECHO Mobile Learning Reinforcement Platform at the FocusOn Learning Conference and Expo DemoFest in San Diego.

SwissVBS, a leading digital learning solutions provider, won the coveted Best Performance Support Solution award for its ECHO Mobile Learning Reinforcement Platform at the FocusOn Learning Conference and Expo DemoFest. FocusOn is a marquee industry event organized annually by the eLearning Guild. On June 22, 2017, participants at this year’s DemoFest in San Diego voted for ECHO as the “people’s choice” for Best Performance Support Solution.

Shahin Sobhani, SwissVBS President, said “learning reinforcement is so fundamental to ensure that the investments we have made in corporate training programs are not lost to memory leakage, and we are proud to be recognized in this way by potential users of this solution at FocusOn DemoFest. ”

Mark Britz, of the eLearning Guild, added: “at each of the eLearning Guild events we host a DemoFest, which is unique in the industry. At FocusOn Learning 2017 the people overwhelmingly selected SwissVBS’s mobile learning reinforcement solution as the best in the Performance Support category. We congratulate and thank SwissVBS for sharing their work with the learning community!”

The ECHO mobile learning reinforcement platform was recognized for its ability to offer a solution that combines mobile, cloud and artificial intelligence to improve retention and strengthen performance. By combining well-timed reinforcement practices, dynamic quizzes and mobile push notifications, ECHO makes learning long-lasting and can substantially boost the outcomes of corporate training programs. ECHO will be showcased at the “Best of DemoFest” webinar on July 12 (

The FocusOn DemoFest is a showcase of technology-based learning and performance support projects with a special focus on not just the projects themselves but also the results they’ve produced. Much like a science fair, DemoFest is arranged with a table for each project being shown. Participants then choose their favorite products and services. SwissVBS’ ECHO won in the Performance Support area for its innovation, value proposition, and usability. The DemoFest awards are the industry’s only true “people’s choice” competition.

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