January 26, 2017

SwissVBS at LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe

Sebastian Frankenberger, Executive Director at SwissVBS, gave a presentation on “Overcoming the Forgetting Curve Through Reinforcement” at the LEARNTEC user forum in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Every year, over 7,000 HR decision-makers and IT managers from all over the world come to the LEARNTEC Convention to exchange new information and innovations in Learning and Development. This makes this event the number one place to go for technology enabled learning in German-speaking Europe.

Sebastian’s presentation looked at how retrieval practices can help overcome the memory leak that occurs after training. While many in corporate training think about creating an engaging learning moment, much less focus is given to what comes after the initial training. Science shows that learners forget up to 90% of what they learn within the first week. Sebastian showed real examples of how five minutes of reinforcement, three days a week, over a period of one month can improve learning retention results by more than 50%.

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