October 30, 2018

SwissVBS & HPL Team Up to Modernize the Way You Learn at Work

Corporate learning programs have an alarmingly low return on investment.

We did the math. $600 billion is spent per year on training programs, and 90% of corporate learning is forgotten after 7 days. That’s an astounding $540 billion down the drain annually.

To be fair, it’s hard to learn at work. Learning programs are often designed as one-offs – in other words, information overload with little to no reinforcement or retention.

The way we consume information in the digital age has also drastically changed. We are inundated with an endless stream of emails and push notifications that make it nearly impossible to prioritize and retain information that is critical to learning and development. With a seven second attention span, the modern learner has grown accustomed to absorbing information in bite-sized nuggets… at their leisure… from sources of his/her choosing.

Introducing HPL Echo

In partnership with SwissVBS, Hot Paper Lantern developed HPL Echo, a cloud-based, SaaS solution that empowers employees to learn at their own pace. In many cases, the learning journey still begins in the classroom, but is extended through a tailored, mobile-first micro-learning platform that is accessible both online and off.

HPL Echo “reinforces” key competency development through short bursts of information to the user over time. Through the use of gamification, flashcards, podcasts & videos, quizzes and push notifications, the platform “echoes” back what has already been learned, allowing knowledge to move from short to long-term memory. Each of these activities can be completed in the time it takes to read an email, meaning employees can learn on the subway platform, in line for coffee, between meetings – pick your three-minute interval.

Over time, an analytics engine collects data from each individual to identify gaps in knowledge. Powerful analytics are available to management in real time, with full visibility into employee progress, and adjustments are made in accordance with retention scores. At the same time, intelligent automation works to further personalize the learning journey based on each individual’s development.

Why should you care?

$540 billion dollars down. the. drain!

Also, because corporate learning is more important than ever. HPL’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Friedin, believes enablement is the key to success: “Every company needs a digital transformation strategy, and a big part of that strategy must center around employee enablement. Employers need to offer new tools and systems that simplify processes and improve the employee experience, and employees need to learn how to use those tools.”

Why SwissVBS?

Like Hot Paper Lantern, Swiss VBS knows digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s about enablement.

In founder Shahin Sobhani’s words, “The user experience always comes first, because we’re not a technology company – we’re a people company. By working closely with Hot Paper Lantern, we’re even better positioned to solve specific client problems with the right combination of content, technology and C/X.”

Who’s already tried it?

An impressive list of Fortune 100 companies. The solution is ideal for literally anyone who wants to create greater ROI on learning programs by:

  • improving engagement,
  • eliminating risk of compliance,
  • tracking behaviors and exposing gaps in learning, and/or
  • using AI to create individualized learning programs.

We think the model is particularly helpful for sales teams and compliance departments in hi-trust certification industries.

How do you learn more?

Interested in learning more about the future of – well – learning and digital enablement? Reach out to Mike Friedin at

About SwissVBS

SwissVBS is a full-service learning solutions provider, focused on adding value at every step of the learning journey. With strong expertise in content development, mobile reinforcement and sales enablement, we leverage our suite of offerings to create industry-leading, multi-platform customized learning solutions that drive meaningful change in behavior and performance.

Be it increased sales, improved culture, skills development, enhanced knowledge, or improved staff retention, we empower an organization’s most valuable asset – its people – to drive change. For over 16 years, our customers have relied on our innovative products and services to improve employee performance and business outcome in industries as diverse as health, retail, insurance, manufacturing, and finance.