Rapid lightweight course creation

Subject: Legal & Compliance
Industry: Non-profit
  • About the client

    The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an independent international body whose mission is to promote doping-free sport throughout the world. In addition to monitoring the World Anti-Doping Code and developing anti-doping policies, WADA’s mission includes educating athletes about doping in sport.

  • Key features

    • Single-scrolling web experience
    • Custom animated scenarios
    • Ease of ongoing course maintenance

The Challenge

  • How do we transform our long-format voluntary training into a fun mobile-experience for today’s learners?

    This was the challenge WADA faced in trying to promote doping-free sport with amateur athletes all over the world.

  • WADA approached SwissVBS to reimagine their existing course on anti-doping to appeal to a new generation of athletes who were always on the go and had no patience for dry, long-format content. Instead of “click-through” slides, WADA required a fresher approach — one grounded in good UX design and modern adult learning principles.

  • For the organization, three criteria also had to be met: affordability, ease of translations, and an easy way to do ongoing maintenance.

Our solution

The first task was finding the right tool for converting WADA’s content into something fun, creative, and engaging, that also met the client’s key goals of affordability and ease of maintenance. While it’s always tempting to build a custom course from scratch without any tools, when a sensible solution exists, you’ve got to use it.

That was the case with Articulate Rise, a lightweight tool for making single-scrolling responsive courses. Because Rise is so easy to use, we knew the client would have no trouble updating and maintaining the course for years to come. And because WADA’s content is built around short snippets of information, Rise’s single-scrolling format was ideal for delivering a slick and clean experience.

SwissVBS worked with WADA to translate existing content into short and punchy bits of information. Using Rise’s capabilities for interactive elements, we went beyond knowledge checks to build scenario-based exercises and activities whenever possible.

To amp up the emotional impact, we decided to begin and end each lesson with an animated scenario featuring elite amateur athletes making difficult ethical choices involving doping. If we could get learners to place themselves in the shoes of someone they could identify with, we knew we stood a better chance at influencing their thinking — and their behaviour — around similar situations in their own lives.


  • WADA now has a creative learning solution that busy athletes can take with them anywhere they go and complete in chunks whenever they have time.

  • Equally as important, WADA has a clear path for updating the course as information and best practices change over the years, putting them in control of their own content in a field that is always evolving.

  • Best of all, they now have a way of taking their anti-doping message to the people who need to hear it most, and delivering it in a way that is engaging, interactive, and relevant to the lives of young amateur athletes.

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