Maximizing Microlearning

A lot has been said about “microlearning” and the promise of its potential within organizations. But what is fact and what is fiction? How can microlearning truly benefit an organization and its people, and more importantly, how do you effectively build and execute a plan that best leverages the intentions and benefits of a microlearning experience?

When designed well, an effective microlearning strategy not only can provide tremendous learning value, but can also provide significant ROI in terms of learning asset production, as well as in-the-field performance optimization. Knowing the best way to navigate through your microlearning strategy will yield instant business impact for your organization and its learners.

You’ll learn about

  • What microlearning is and how it can help your organization
  • Key facts and figures to help you make a business case for microlearning
  • Frequently asked questions and debunking of myths surrounding microlearning
  • Eight key principles to help supercharge your microlearning strategy

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