Gamified CSR awareness program

Subject: Corporate Culture
Industry: Household Goods

How do you make an organization proud of its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts?

Acclaimed internationally for its sustainability efforts, Colgate was very proud of its commitment to social responsibility — but how much did its own employees know about its CSR efforts? Colgate was looking for a solution that would help them raise employee awareness around the organization’s award-winning sustainability efforts in a creative way — something that would spark conversation and buzz within the organization.


SwissVBS presented a gamified, open-ended experience that portrayed the organization’s involvement with key sustainability issues on a global scale. Learners travelled across a virtual world to earn their way to completing the “mission” of becoming a sustainability ambassador. Whether learning about oral care in rural schools in Mexico or LEED certified plants in Vietnam, employees got to experience the exciting initiatives taking place at Colgate locations all over the world — helping to instill a greater sense of pride within the organization.

What they loved about our solution

  • Gamification
  • Creative and imaginative storytelling
  • Open-ended learning

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