Mobile onboarding for insurance agents

Subject: Onboarding
Industry: Insurance

How do we create a meaningful onboarding experience for insurance agents?

Helvetia, a global all-line insurer, doesn’t simply train their sales teams – it aims to forge trusted bonds between its agents and clients in today’s market of increasing competition, fewer differentiators, and waning trust. The company wanted to transform its onboarding experience to build strong sales teams able to provide a customized approach in a world focused on price.


A blended onboarding and product sales training that allowed newcomers to learn through on-the-job experience, integrating learning and work. Strong emphasis was placed on manager engagement and mentoring utilizing ECHO’s newest coaching feature.

What they loved about our solution

  • Participation rate in the onboarding training doubled even during the pilot phase
  • Ease and convenience of the learning experience
  • Manager engagement and support
  • Learning-on-the-job experience

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