Scalable mobile solution for desk-less workers

Subject: Safety & Technical
Industry: Logistics

How do we rapidly deploy new learning with a dispersed, desk-less workforce?

Nox needed to quickly deliver new training to a large number of drivers located in ten European countries – all without compromising the content quality and without disrupting employees’ workflow. A scalable technology solution was required that could provide an intuitive learning experience at the point of need, while accommodating both new learning and sustainment.


The ECHO platform was leveraged to provide a microlearning and reinforcement experience that would meet employees where they are. Self-guided, media-rich learning content (required learning) followed by reinforcement practices and scenario-based activities, readily available job aids, smart tips and resources.

What they loved about our solution

  • Just-in-time, scalable deployment across teams and geographies
  • Offline capacity – learning program accessible without network connectivity
  • Job aids and reference materials on the go
  • Topical tips to engage the learners

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