Sexual harassment training

Subject: Diversity & Inclusion
Industry: Legal

How do we rewrite the script on cliché sexual harassment training?

Due to a recent legislative change mandating all organizations provide workplace harassment training, Ryley Learning – a training organization specializing in sexual harassment training – sought to create an off-the-shelf course that could aid organizations seeking to fill the new training gap. To be truly impactful, a stereotypical take on lifeless “click-next” training was not going to make the cut. A new approach was required to truly engage learners in meaningful behaviour change.


The training was transformed into a powerful story-driven learning experience. SwissVBS harnessed its creative energy – working in collaboration with Ryley Learning – to conceptualize a cast of characters and a narrative approach that would not only engage learners, but would allow them to lose themselves in the story. A four-“episode” story told like a TV series, the course featured topics ranging from inappropriate jokes in the workplace to homophobic slurs. It was an immersive world that took on a challenging compliance topic and breathed new life into it.

What they loved about our solution

  • Engaging stories focused on changing behaviour rather than knowledge acquisition
  • A cast of relatable characters in a broad range of workplace roles
  • Custom illustration and animation style

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