Data protection
compliance course

Subject: Legal & Compliance
Industry: Mobility & Transportation

How do we make compliance training relevant to a diverse group of people in a large organization?

Schindler needed to change thinking and behavior around data protection and digital privacy in a large workforce comprising a wide range of job functions. With the recent passage of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Schindler was looking for a creative solution to prepare their employees to comply with the new laws. Most importantly, they wanted people to truly understand the importance of protecting the data of their co-workers, clients, and customers, and the serious impact that data breaches can have.


A series of animated stories were developed, featuring fictional Schindler employees in ethical dilemmas involving data protection and privacy. Using a professional illustration style and self-reflective activities, learners were asked to think for themselves about how to act, and to apply data protection rules in a variety of difficult situations.

What they loved about our solution

  • Realistic and relevant storytelling and characters
  • Self-paced microlearning approach
  • Professional illustration style suited to a corporate audience
  • Multilingual support – translated into 23 different languages

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