Story-driven leadership program

Subject: Leadership
Industry: Hearing Care

How do you convince highly successful leaders to embrace a new philosophy of coaching?

How do you tell highly successful people that it’s time to change their behaviour in a meaningful way? This was Sonova’s challenge in trying to get the organization to embrace a new coaching culture – moving from a transactional, prescriptive style of coaching to a transformation model. A learning campaign was required that would lay the foundations for an authentic change in culture.


Sonova partnered with SwissVBS to create a compelling web-based learning initiative. The result was a character-driven learning campaign that followed the journey of a coach’s transformation, tackling the Why, What and How behind the organization’s new coaching model. The signature moment was a character-animated branching simulation that allowed learners to practice having coaching conversations exploring consequences and getting instant feedback.

What they loved about our solution

  • Emphasis on storytelling
  • Branching conversation – interactive simulations
  • External recognition – winner of the Comenius EduMedia Seal Award for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics.

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