Mobile selling skills program

Subject: Sales & Product Knowledge
Industry: Manufacturing

How do we turn new hires into agile sales professionals?

For SIGA, a Swiss manufacturer committed to energy-efficient buildings, having an agile salesforce is the company’s competitive advantage. In addition to effective selling skills, SIGA’s sales professionals need to read selling situations in the moment and draw on a diverse set of skills quickly and effectively. The company needed a learning solution that could both transfer knowledge and help sales professionals develop their selling agility.


A comprehensive sales skills transfer program was created for SIGA focused on sales onboarding products and processes. The program design centered on challenging sales scenarios and just-in-time resources.

To help them take over content creation and learning design, SIGA’s team was trained in ECHO Composer. Today, SIGA deploys ECHO for pre-classroom trainings and reinforcement across multiple product lines.

What they loved about our solution

  • Ultra-convenient platform for knowledge delivery: much quicker training, access any time anywhere, five minutes per day
  • Limitless use cases for ECHO across the organization
  • Self-sufficiency: ECHO’s easy back-end allows companies to “own” the process of creating and updating content, deploying ECHO across any function

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