New-hire reinforcement app

Subject: Onboarding
Industry: Food & Beverage

How do we reduce new-hire time to competency?

As Starbucks moved into newer, fast-growing markets (at one point, opening a new store every 15 hours), scalability pressures were growing, particularly around maintaining a consistent brand experience. Speed to competency for new hires was a critical success metric for Starbucks as it required a (highly scalable) training solution that would support the onboarding journey in a highly impactful way.


An innovative training reinforcement plan focused on ensuring key competencies were at peak levels and that baristas had access to resources to engage and service their customers at a world-class level. From reference flashcards on complex espresso drinks, to retrieval practices dynamically tailored to learning needs, learners had a mobile companion that added tremendous value to their new-hire journey.

What they loved about our solution

  • Robust competency framework to monitor knowledge strengths/gaps
  • Leveraging an existing learning brand (and existing learning assets)
  • Branded app for the organization

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